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I have been a field service tech working on Cushman vehicles for 35 years. I mainly do service calls on Powered Industrial Trucks (glorified golf carts). Most of the units are burden/personnel carriers and most are electric vehicles. I am quite familiar with EZGO, ClubCar, Noland, Kawasaki, John Deere, Yamaha, Melex and other brands.

Bob and I worked together for over 30 years (During this time, I still don't know how he put up with me!). He retired in April, 2010. In the shop, I do custom fabrication and repair of all brands of this type of vehicle. I also work on floor care equipment.

Probably the coolest job I ever did was to convert a USAF F-16 (replica) parade vehicle from 8 HP gasoline power to 1.5 HP 24 volt electric. Top speed was nearly identical. The vehicle was then free of the vibration, odor and sound associated with the previous powerplant. Maintenence was greatly decreased as well. There is a pic of it below:

Da Plane!

Is that cool, or what? Oh, and no it does not fly!

But, this does!

Company Van

This was really fun...

Robert's Pages

I recently worked on this outrageous piece of equipment. This is what "gross excess" means:

Front view

Rear view

More Work Related Stuff:

Curtis PMC 1203 Disassembly and repair

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Updated 19 January, 2014.