My pictures:

Updated: 17 May, 2015


My First Motorcycle!

Bob and Phil visit STL!

Laura's first car!

Lost, then found Bob, Rose and Marc

Our Home

(In Late Winter)

(In Late Spring)

Me, at MAR around 1977

1976 RD400C, around 1976, at MAR

1976 RD400C, about 5 months old

1979 RD400F, around 1980, at MAR

1974 TX500A, Tom B's old bike

Our Garage


33 Years!

Our Triumph Roadsters (Cool, cheap cars)




Our Friend Jerry

Our Late Friend Dale

Our Friend Dee

Our Friend Don

Our Not So Recent Vacation

My Main Mac ...

Another Mac ...

And more Macs ...

Mac wiring!

What is this? and This?

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