White Truck MSD 6AL Ignition Modification:

Install the MSD 6AL Ignition... Use the 3000 RPM "Pill".

By the way, you are reading this for amusement. Therefore, if you actually attempt these procedures, you do so at your own risk! First, remove the 3, 6 mm bolts that hold the coolant/ washer fluid container in place. If the unit is equipped with AC, disconnect the wire connector for the washer pump from the container, and move the container out of the way. Remove the jack in it's pouch. Remove the standard governor. Then study the pics below.

Mounted on a lift-tipper

MSD Wiring Diagram for White Truck

The square coil

The round coil

Distributor Mods, only if needed... It seems that only 4WD units need this modification because they have an Engine Control Unit, or ECU.

Before you remove the existing distributor, pop the cap and take note of the position of the rotor. It is possible to install this unit 180 degrees out! That said, clean up a spot for the surgery. Oh, make sure the vehicle does not have other problems first!

Shows the base plate ready for the mod

Shows the move of the vac advance post

This is the last adjustment needed to the distributor

Speaking earlier about other problems to watch out for, another potentially interesting fact about the White Truck:

When the timing belt finally breaks, just correctly install a new one! This is not an interference engine! We recommend a new tensioner as well.

More to come, I hope!

Updated: 2 March, 2005